3 cool videos from Youtube to help prep for the visa interview bic_2021_admn 2022.08.02.

3 cool videos from Youtube to help prep for the visa interview

We already shared our best tips with you to prepare for the visa interview. This time we brought some cool videos that can help you prepare for questions regarding Hungary.

During the visa process, you’ll (most likely) have a visa interview. Sometimes it’s short and consists only of a couple of questions regarding your plans and studies, sometimes it’s a bit longer and more complicated.

An important step in preparation for the interview is learning about your soon-to-be new home, Hungary. We collected 3 nice (and short) videos of the country that we think are of good quality, interesting to watch and in general can help you in the preparation.

  1. A Super Quick History of Hungary
    Hungary has a 1000+ years long history, so summarizing the whole thing in 7,5 mins is a huge feat. Believe us, it’s literally impossible to make is shorter than this 🙂

2. Top 10 Amazing Facts About Hungary
This second video collects a couple of important-to-know facts about Hungary. From World Records to Sport Life and to Revolutions, some things are just too basic not to know if you live here 🙂

3. Geography Now! Hungary (ft. Nick Uhas/ Nickipedia)
The 3rd video is about the country’s Geography, people, language, food, friends and “enemies” and many more. It’s entertaining and it is indeed ripe with information.