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5 reasons why study in Eastern Europe

When we are talking about studying abroad, the classic English-speaking destinations come to mind first- the USA, UK, Canada and so on… But the last decade has changed the face of higher education drasticly and new, previously lesser known regions are thriving due to their fantastic infrastructure for internationals. Studying in Eastern Europe (and Hungary with it) is particularly popular in recent years, and there are so many reasons for it.

1. Eastern Europe is affordable

This is one of the main reasons studying in this region has become popular. Not only the tuition fees, but also living expenses are pretty low, making Eastern Europe the perfect university destination. Most university students have to be careful with their finances- so why not choose a destination where you can be more relaxed and carefree financially? Generally speaking we can say that 5-700 EUR per month is sufficient for higher ed students for most living expenses, such as housing, food, transportation, telecommunication etc in this region. You can even check the current cost of living index by Numbeo here. If you are interested in the cost of living in Hungary, we collected the prices of many items in this article here.

2. Eastern Europe is safe

This region is characterised by a laid-back, safe environment. Cities are smaller, crime is lower and violence is extremely rare. Students can enjoy life, studies, work, they can have fun and be with friends all day and all night. Study.eu even listed the countries with the highest personal safety, and in fact many Eastern European countries are highly-ranked, with Slovenia, Czechia and Hungary leading the pack in the region.

3. Most people speak English

Non-English speaking countries were considered to be less attractive for studying abroad a few decades ago, as living in a place where it’s hard to navigate might be frustrating. This has changed so much in the past 10+ years though. Nowadays most locals speak English, especially in bigger cities. Thus you will be able to live comfortably even if you don’t speak the local language.

4. Culture & Nightlife are amazing

Eastern Europe boasts a 2000-year history and it shows. Historical sites, museums, memorials, theatres, operas and so much more are available for those interested in culture. But this region has a lot to offer for the partier crowd as well, the nightlife in Eastern Europe is well-known among locals and tourists, with lively parties, famous music festivals, cool concerts, and a bar or restaurant at every corner… You cannot get bored once you leave your room. Just remember to return on time to focus on your studies too!

5. Eastern Europe covers all fields of study

Whatever your dream career is, you’ll surely find a fitting program in this region. Of course, there are star programs in these countries though, Computer Science, Engineering programs,  Management programs and health-related programs are the most sought-after in Eastern Europe. No wonder, these programs offer the best return on investment, as it’s possible to earn well right after graduation. We even wrote an article about the most sought-after degrees with the highest starting salaries before, you can find it here.

+1- Fairly easy visa process & EU visa

Most Eastern European countries are part of the European Union and many of them are part of the Schengen Zone too. Thus, once you receive your residence permit, you are free to travel and discover the rest of the EU too. Also, in recent years, the study visa process is getting longer and more tedious to many countries, but Eastern Europe is still okay on the visa front. For example, an average visa process to Hungary would be 1-3 months from the visa interview to the decision, which is still pretty manageable compared to the 1-1,5 years visa process to some Western countries.