A Budapest building wins “world’s top-rated tourist attraction” title bic_2021_admn 2023.03.28.

A Budapest building wins “world’s top-rated tourist attraction” title

Nothing is more disappointing than preparing for a lovely vacation and seeing beautiful sights- just to then realize that the attraction is not even that great. According to Stasher, this is not going to happen to you in Hungary- as according to their latest list, the best tourist attraction in the World is actually right here in Budapest!

Stasher’s list was created by comparing Google reviews, quality of local accommodation, distance from the nearest international airport, tourist safety and TikTok popularity & each attraction was scored out of 10. 

According to the list, the best European attactions are the Plaza de España in Seville, Spain; the amazing Blue Lagoon in Iceland; Disneyland Paris in France & finally the best of not only Europe but the whole World, the majestic Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest.

Euronews also has a couple of recommendations on how to enjoy the breathtaking view. “With its fairytale architecture and edgy bars, Hungary’s capital dazzles visitors at every turn. A boat trip down the Danube River is sure to make it onto your itinerary, giving you the chance to spot Europe’s most impressive landmark, the Parliament of Budapest, from the water.”