B Tech in Europe? bic_2021_admn 2022.06.21.

B Tech in Europe?

You surely heard about BTech programs. BTech is the shining star of engineering and computer science education is many countries- but B Tech in Europe is not really a thing. However, it doesn’t mean that we don’t offer special practice-focused programs.

First of all, let’s see what B Tech means: B Tech means Bachelor of Technology, and it refers to a practice-oriented, 4-year undergraduate technology program focusing primarily on computer science and other engineering disciplines. It differs from BSc (Bachelor of Science) mainly due to its practice-focus. BSc refers to natural sciences, such as Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. While B Tech refers to programs such as Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering.

This is not the case in Europe though, BSc and B Tech in Europe are completely different consepts. Many international students are surprised to see that in Europe all science and engineering programs are “Bachelor of Science”. Does this mean that European engineering programs are less practice-oriented?

Not at all.

Most European Universities offer excellent, high-tech, practice-oriented engineering undergraduate programs, which are normally 3 or 3,5 years long. The only difference in the system is that Europe doesn’t make a difference in the name, but calls all STEM programs BSc in general.

So what is BProf then?


BProf (Bachelor of Profession) is a uniquely Hungarian program for computer engineering. This unique computer science program is an extremely practice-oriented, 70% practice-based computer science program, where students spend most of their time practicing on real-life projects. This is a 3-year program, where the last year is a complete training at tech companies. It’s very similar to traditional IT bootcamps, but with more substance and an EU-accredited Bachelor degree at the end!


All in all, BTech, BProf and BSc are all excellent, and can give you very good practical skills if you choose the right university and program for you.