Best careers for digital nomads- what to study? bic_2021_admn 2022.11.04.

Best careers for digital nomads- what to study?

Imagine this: tavelling the World, working from luxurious destinations from the comfort of your hotel room or exotic café… Being anywhere in the World while having financial freedom and experiences for a lifetime. This is the digital nomad lifestyle.

It became popular a couple of years ago, when digitalization got to point where employees didn’t necessary have to be in the office (or even in the same timezone) to be able to perform their duties well. In these positions you only need your smarts & experience and laptop with internet access and you can good to work all day.

Let’s see what the most popular digital nomad fields are and what to study to have the necessary skills for it.

1. Programming

This is quite straightforward: there’s a huge shortage of programmers everywhere in the World, so most employers will be happy to employ you no matter where you are in the globe- just bring your programming skills. To have an idea how many remote jobs are available for programmers, you can check THIS site: it is currently listing over 13 thousand (!) developer positions.

What to study for it? Becoming a programmer is an uncomplicated (yet challenging) goal. You can choose from any of our universities’ offers. BIC offers 4 different Computer Science Bachelors’ and one Computer Science Masters’ with awesome specialitations from software development to biomedical engineering.

2. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a diverse, exciting and dynamically developing discipline with many opportunities. You can be a content creator, paid campaign manager, social media manager, newsletter specialist, market researcher, data analyst and many more. Digital marketing is truly the dream career for the future. It’s techy but not that much maths-y, perfect for tech-savvy applicants who don’t love sciences all that much.

What to study for it? Well, Marketing, of course. Check out our great Commerce and Marketing program HERE.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is a fancy term for writing text. It’s perfect for students who love everything about writing: you love playing with words, you love correcting texts and explaining things in an easy-to-understand way. Text for articles, books, presentations- anything. As a digital nomad, most likely you’ll be asked to write articles, blogposts, advertisements and many more for companies on various topics.

What to study for it? Communication & Media is your direction. Check out our Bachelor’s in Communication and Media Science.

4. Technical copywriting

Technical copywriting (or technical writing) is different from copywriting and you’ll need a different set of skills for it as well. As a technical writer, you won’t have to be able to be lirical and poetic- but you’ll have to be very good at technical stuff. Technical writers create communication materials, guides, manuals, explanations etc. for engineers and other staff in the fields of software, architecture, mechanics, electroncics, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, finance, medical, consumer electronics, biotechnology, forestry and so on. Technical documentation has a clear, direct, and neutral style. The text should present the information in the most professional and accessible way possible.

What to study for it? Anything technical! You can be a technical writer with various backgrounds: engineering, software, agricultural engineering etc.

Studying these disciplines abroad is already a great for step for an adventurous lifestyle. You can move abroad & you can experience living abroad while learning all the necessary skills to start your big career (and digital nomad) adventure.