John von Neumann University joins BIC bic_2021_admn 2022.03.22.

John von Neumann University joins BIC

John von Neumann University has just became our new partner institution! You can apply to this high-tech university with Budapest International College. Start your studies with a foundation program to join John von Neumann University in Kecskemét.

Why John von Neumann University?

JNU is one of the largest technical universities on the countryside. Its hometown, Kecskemét, is a lovely but dynamically developing industrial town an hour away from the capital, Budapest. The main campus of the university is the most modern university building in Hungary, indicating the high-level education and research work of the institution. If you want to study engineering in a high-tech institution, but stay in close-knit university town, JNU is the right choice for you.

Programs offered by John von Neumann University:

  • Computer Science Engineering BSc
  • Horticultural Engineering BSc
  • Rural Development Engineering BSc
How to apply to John von Neumann University?
The application procedure is smooth and easy with BIC. Read our step-by-step application guide HERE, or go stright to our application site.