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About KJU




Kodolányi János University is one of the largest private universities in Hungary. Originally founded in 1992, KJU offers a wide range of programs and was one of the first universities to become a BIC partner institution with its Computer Science Operational Engineering Bachelors (BPROF) program. Since 1998 the University also has a campus in the capital city, Budapest. KJU has over 3300 students and over 170 international exchange university partners. Over 90% of KJU students find a job within 6 months after graduation.
KJU aims to be a university in Europe that through its disciplinary courses in higher education, prepares students for successful careers with the premium elements of professionalization, and with its interdisciplinary programs for the new professions of the digital, sustainable economy and inclusion in the 21st century. In all its academic programs, enriched with work experience in accordance with international standards and recognized by credit points, KJU intends to be the leading cooperative HEI in Hungary.

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Study programs offered by KJU

Computer Science Operational Engineering BPROF, KJU Budapest
Kodolányi János University
Computer Science Operational Engineering BPROF
Business Administration and Management BSc, KJU
Kodolányi János University
Business Administration and Management BSc
Tourism and Catering BSc, KJU
Kodolányi János University
Tourism and Catering BSc
International Relations BA, KJU
Kodolányi János University
International Relations BA
Business Development, KJU
Kodolányi János University
Business Development MSc
Tourism Management Msc
Kodolányi János University
Tourism Management MSc
International Relations MA, KJU
Kodolányi János University
International Relations MA
english studies MA, KJU
Kodolányi János University
English Studies MA