Mechanical Engineering BSc, UD bic_2021_admn 2022.03.30.
Mechanical engineers design, develop, build, and test. They deal with anything that moves, from components to machines to the human body.
Mechanical Engineering BSc
Length of course

7 semesters

Tuition fee

1975 EUR /semester
(please note: to be able to obtain an Acceptance Letter, apply for a visa and start your studies, 2-semesters’ tuition fee and some other minor fees must be paid upfront)

Location of campus


Language of tuition


Application deadlines
  • For September intake: 30 June


Admission options

Direct admission or admission
with a foundation

Description of the Program

This BSc program in Mechanical Engineering offers the knowledge of mechanical engineers who are able to operate and maintain machines and engineering equipments, to install and apply mechanical engineering technologies, to organize and control the work, and to fulfill the technical development, research and planning tasks of average complexity level in accordance with the requirements of the labour market; and who have acquired in-depth theoretical knowledge that is adequate to enable them to continue with their studies in the graduate, master level.

A graduated Mechanical Engineer shall be able to

  • do the technical design and construction of machine parts, machines, equipments, appliances, devices;
  • work out and manage the production of machine structures, metal and/ or polimer structures and its parts;
  • do the diagnostical testing of machines and equipments and to work out the related maintenance, reliability and repairment technological tasks;
  • manage the mechanical engineering technological processes and to organise the servicing of machinery devices;
  • do the operation and development of mechatronical systems;
  • do the operation and development of logistic and material handling systems;
  • do the technical control of environmental protection tasks;
  • apply environment-friendly technologies, to develop the industrial environment and to design and produce the environment-protecting technical tools;
  • do the design of building engineering equipments, to prepare, to organise and to manage its construction;
  • do the design, production and maintenance of vehicles and mobile machines;
  • do the planning, implementation, production and maintenance of thermodynamical, hydrodynamical and chemical processes;
  • find solution to labour safety tasks.


  • Mechatronics

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University of Dunaújváros (UD)
This program is offered by University of Dunaújváros (UD)