Starting salaries in Hungary- how much can you earn with your degree? bic_2021_admn 2022.11.07.

Starting salaries in Hungary- how much can you earn with your degree?

The Hungarian Graduate Tracking System (DPR, for short) just published their 2020 report on fresh graduate starting salaries.

According to this report, the IT and tech degrees are among the 3 best degrees you can get when it comes to high starting salaries.(Please note that this data is from 2020, salaries have grown cosiderably  in Hungary since).

  1. Information Technology- approx 1200 EUR starting salary
  2. Political Science- approx 1150 EUR starting salary
  3. Technology & Engineering- approx 1080 EUR starting salary.

The study also found, that not all Hungarian Tech degrees are crearted equal, the expected starting salary also depends on the university where students their education. According to this report, the 3 highest earners are the graduates of Óbuda University (ÓE), SZIU and BME.

According to Bluebird, junior IT (Computer Science Engineering) professionals can in fact earn much more than this. Here are some examples from their 2022 research:

  1. System Analyst- around 1600- 2100 EUR per month
  2. UI/UX designer- 1600- 2100 EUR per month
  3. Java / JavaScript / .NET / Python / C, C++ / PHP / SQL etc. Developers- 2000- 2700 EUR per month
  4. Frontend Developer- 2000-3000 EUR per month
  5. Backend Developer- 1800- 2700 EUR per month
  6. Full Stack Developer- 2250- 3000 EUR per month
  7. Devops Cloud- 2100- 3300 EUR per month
  8. Manual Tester- 1500-2100 EUR per month, Automation Tester- 2000- 2600 EUR per month
  9. System Engineer- 1700- 2200 EUR per month
  10. IT Project Manager- 1800- 2300 EUR per month

According to HRPortal, a Hungarian human resources magazine, junior engineers can also earn quite well at the start of their career already:

  1. Quality Engineering- around 1250 EUR per month
  2. Project Engineering- around 1400 EUR per month
  3. Automation Engineering- around 1400 EUR per month
  4. Electrical R&D-  around 1500 EUR per month
  5. Expert in specific technologies (weldind, molding, soldering)- around 1400 EUR per month.

Comparing these salaries with average 600-700 EUR living expences is Hungary, we can conclude that even as a junior, your starting salary can be well above the comfortable level.