The academic year in Hungary- intakes, semesters & periods bic_2021_admn 2024.02.04.

The academic year in Hungary- intakes, semesters & periods

An academic year looks different in every country- intakes, periods, semesters and breaks can differ a lot. Let’s see how is an academic year Hungary.

  • In Hungary, we have 2 semesters each year. A Fall semester & a Spring semester.
  • The academic year starts with the Fall semester in September (the exact date depends on the year and the university).
  • From September to early December the lectures and seminars take place, we call this time Study period.
  • From early December to the end of January students need to take their semester exams (finals), we call this time Exam period. Once the Exam period is over, the semester ends too.
  • The Spring semester then starts in February, again with the Study period.
  • The Spring semester study period lasts from Ferbruary to early May.
  • Then from early May the Spring semester Exam period starts, and usually lasts until the end of June. Once you finish your exams in June, the semester and the academic year are over.
  • July and August is normally free, you can enjoy your summer holiday.
  • In September, you start the whole thing again.
  • In most Hungarian universities, there is a break in each season: Fall break around Halloween (usually 1 week), Winter break around Christmas (usually 2 weeks), Spring break around Easter (usually 1 week), and the long summer break in July- August.
  • In most Hungarian universities there is only a Fall (September) intake. Some unis also offer Spring (February) intake.
  • If you start with a Foundation, the schedule is slightly different: BIC Foundations start in October & March. Both semesters consist of 12 weeks study period+ 2 weeks exam period. We also have a break in each season.
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