The Campus Advisor: Budapest is one of the best student cities in the World bic_2021_admn 2023.02.28.

The Campus Advisor: Budapest is one of the best student cities in the World

The Campus Advisor collected the 30 best student cities in the world for 2022 based on ratings and reviews collected on thecampusadvisor.com. This list takes into consideration a range of factors including student friendliness, cost of living, nightlife, public transport, amenities, diversity, and the opinions of current students.

Naturally, Budapest cannot be missed from such a list. The Hungarian capital was ranked 14th in the whole World, and 6th in continental Europe among the best student cities, beating such student favorites as Toronto, Sydney or Amsterdam.

According to the students’ votes, the best parts about Budapest are the nightlife (4.73/5), general student friendliness (4.52/5), public transport (4.5/5) and amenities (4.41/5)- but safety and cost of living also scored high (4.01 and 3.71 respectively).

The Campus Advisor also quoted some of the worded ratings from students:

“Budapest is the perfect city for students. It has an amazing nightlife (pre COVID), relatively cheap, compared to other big cities, it is safe compared to other capital cities. It is good to make a few Hungarian friends at the beginning of your studies, so they can help you out with administrative stuff, but besides that, it is great for an international student, very friendly and lively city.”

“Budapest is a fantastic city, I love living here. Especially for students it is a paradise of opportunities, both for work and leisure time. Public transportation is available everywhere, making all places easily accessible, you can find a bar or a street food restaurant everywhere, even in the most remote places.”