“The more you do Math, the more you’ll love it”- a quick interview with our Algebra prof bic_2021_admn 2023.06.26.

“The more you do Math, the more you’ll love it”- a quick interview with our Algebra prof

István Vajda is our Algebra & Geometry professor at BIC Professional Foundation programs. He is also a well-loved Math prof at Óbuda University, so he has a very good understanding on what skills a Foundation program should provide for a successful university launch.

Which subject do you like teaching the most? Why?

It’s hard to say, but maybe analytic geometry, because you have to use what you learned in algebra and geometry, so it’s a kind of synthesis of what we dealt with in the two semesters during these two courses.

What advice would you give to students who find Math too difficult?

The more and the more willingly we deal with it, the easier it will be. The difficulty is usually caused by having to deal with topics or mathematics at a level for which the student is not yet prepared. That is why it’s so important to learn it step-by-step. It is good to approach mathematics through problems that are useful or interesting from a practical point of view, because then we enjoy dealing with them more. In elementary school, even I thought mathematics was boring, but then some interesting books helped me understand that it is much more and more interesting than I had thought based on my previous studies. Nowadays, you can find a lot of interesting information and Math problems for practice on the Internet. I would especially emphasize the problems. Mathematics cannot be learned passively, mathematics must be “done”. We read a Math book not like a novel, but with paper and pencil/pen in our hands, solving many problems related to all theoretical knowledge.

Why is it good to study science or tech?

Anyone who obtains a degree in such a field can usually find a job very easily, nromally for a very good salary. But it is also not to be neglected that the knowledge acquired here can be put to good use in practice, the results of the work performed are almost or literally tangible, which fills us with joy and satisfaction.

Which engineering/IT program would you choose if you had to choose a career now? Why?

Probably Computer Science Engineering, because it is quite close to mathematics and I feel like I have the necessary skills for and interest in it. Besides, I have been working with Computer Science Engineering students for many years, and the research I have done and supervised are all related to this field.

Why would you recommend students to start their university years with a Foundation program?

Unfortunately, the experience of the last 10-15 years shows that the majority of students who enter university do not receive the foundations they would need in high school in order to master the university material smoothly. It is very common that they learn a lot of new knowledge well at university, but when it comes to applying it, they will apply it poorly due to a lack of understanding of the high school material, of the basics. An even worse case is when they enter the university without even knowing how to study, they lack perseverance, consistency, and diligence. The Foundation course can help overcome both challenges, but of course only if the student has the determination to prepare for university life.