Tourism and Catering BSc, KJU bic_2021_admn 2022.08.22.
The aim of the course is the education of economic professionals who are capable of understanding enterprise and business administration processes in general, and capable for internationalization for global business environment.
Tourism and Catering BSc, KJU
Length of course

8 semesters

Tuition fee

2800 EUR/semester
(please note: to be able to obtain an Acceptance Letter, apply for a visa and start your studies, 2-semesters’ tuition fee and some other minor fees must be paid upfront)

Location of campus


Language of tuition


Application deadlines
  • For February intake: 15 November
  • For September intake: 30 June
Admission options

Direct admission or admission
with a foundation

Description of the Program

At KJU, one of Hungary’s longest-known tourist training sites, you can learn from renowned and experienced professionals. With us, you can get up-to-date, marketable knowledge about the management and administration of tourism businesses and the management of your business processes in the framework of exciting lessons full of experiences. In our training, you will get to know the current trends in international tourism. You will gain comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the most dynamically developing areas of tourism product development, as well as a taste of the world of gastro-tourism, active tourism, and creative tourism. We are waiting for you if you want to work in a hotel, travel agency, hospitality, airline, conference, or event company, if you are curious about the world and would like to try yourself abroad, love to travel, deal with people, and you enjoy the professional challenges.

With taking this course you will be capable of:

  • understanding the principles and multilevel governance system of the tourism industry, its trends and nature, challenges and risks.
  • understanding organization and management of different type of organizations and institutions in tourism industry. The specialized knowledge will make you capable of understanding, planning and analyzing operative and functional business processes of the organizations and institutions.
  • the organization and management of new creative, innovative, quality-oriented program or project-based interventions for business services
  • intercultural communication and interactions with customers, for understanding and influencing choices and behaviors.
  • continuing your studies at master's level.

Specialized focus areas

  • Green Economy
  • Hotel and Catering Management
  • Tourism Development

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This program is offered by Kodolányi János University (KJU)