Tourism Management MSc, KJU bic_2021_admn 2022.08.23.
After completing our training, you will be able to perform independent and comprehensive planning, management and coordination tasks in the field of tourism at local, regional, national and international levels, both in tourism enterprises and in the state, regional, or local tourism planning and management institutional system and in the non-profit sector.
Tourism Management MSc, KJU
Length of course

4 semesters

Tuition fee

3480 EUR/semester
(please note: to be able to obtain an Acceptance Letter, apply for a visa and start your studies, 2-semesters’ tuition fee and some other minor fees must be paid upfront)

Location of campus


Language of tuition


Application deadlines
  • For February intake: 15 November
  • For September intake: 30 June
Admission options

Direct admission or admission
with a foundation

With taking this course you will be capable of

  • system level analysis of organizations processes, forming tourist supply side, organization and institution development, planning and programming studies and implementation of development projects for leadership in enterprises and institutions.
  • working in tourism and other related departments of local governments, ministries, governmental and non-profit professional agencies, in functional governance institutions, organizations of tourism destination management, marketing organizations for tourism, and other non-profit industries for tourism.
  • continuing their studies at Ph.D. level.
  • understanding the structures and international finance of the tourism sector, strategic management and operations in global tourism destinations, talent and innovation management in global context, marketing and international commercialization of tourism destinations.

Overview of the classes

  • Disciplinary Tourism Studies: Introduction to Tourism Management, Sustainable Tourism Development, Tourism Strategy and Policy, Sociology of Tourism, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Multilateral Negotiations and Communications, Practical Marketing, Etiquette & Protocol
  • Specialized Tourism Studies: International Hospitality Management, International Event Management, Visitor Attraction Management
  • Global Responsible Leadership: Global Future Trend Analysis, Global Public Policies, Politics & Comparative Politics, Global Mobility Landscapes, Advanced Research and Communication, Responsible Strategic Leadership & Management, Innovation Policies & Management, Comparative Regionalism, Business & Enterprise Development Theories

Specialized focus areas

  • International Marketing & Collaboration
  • Global Responsible Leadership

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