University admission interview biggest mistakes bic_2021_admn 2023.01.13.

University admission interview biggest mistakes

A university admission interview can be intimidating. Previously we wrote about how to prepare for it, now we collected the most common mistakes you should avoid. Remember: the keyword is MOTIVATION. You must be able to prove to the admission officer that you truly want and can study in Hungary, on your chosen study program.

  1. Don’t be late!
    Being on time a very important sign of respect and professionalism. Make sure to check all your devices , softwares and surroundings before the interview! Is the microphone working? Is the room quiet? Is your Zoom updated? Check all these so you can wait for your interview calmly and confidently.
  2. NEVER lie, cheat or deceive!
    Most admission officers take thousands (!) of interviews each year, on a busier day an admission colleague can have up to 15-20 interviews even. Thus, they have a very  VERY good understanding of your intentions, skills and can even tell immediately if you are trying to deceive, cheat or lie.- Just don’t ever ever do these. If an admission officer sees that you are trying to deceive them, you will never ever get another chance for application.
    Make sure be alone during your interview (don’t use anyone’s help around you), treat the admission officer with respect and if you don’t know the answer to a question- just be honest and say you don’t know. Honesty is always the best policy.
    Also, remember: after passing an admission interview, a much more thorough visa interview comes. Maybe you can cheat on the admission interview, but you won’t be able to do the same on the visa interview and will be rejected.
  3. Know the country and university you are applying to!
    Knowing some basics about Hungary, Budapest and your chosen university and study program is the bare minimum. How should an admission officer believe that you want to study here if you don’t know anything about the country or the university? You must know these to be able to prove your motivation. The worst thing you can say here (and we heard this sentence before!) “I don’t care, I’ll check it once I’m there.”
  4. Don’t be rude or aggressive!
    Surely you know this, but it’s very important. An admission interview is not the place to be assertive or aggressive. It’s the place to prove your motivations and skills. You don’t have to fight the admission officer (their goal is to accept you, not to reject you), but you have to convince them.  Actually, being polite and friendly is considered to be a professional approach, and will surely earn you some good points!
    One more important thing to consider: most high-ranking universities are very proud of the quality and achievements of their students and the value of degrees they issue. For this reason, they are very picky with who they accept to start studies with them. Make sure to be worthy of that reputation!

All in all, just remember: if you go into this with the right attitute, some preparetion and a friendly and professional approach, it’s going to be a piece of cake!