What do Hungarians celebrate on 20 August? bic_2021_admn 2022.08.19.

What do Hungarians celebrate on 20 August?

20th of August is the largest national holiday in Hungary. Each year this day we celebrate the foundation of the state, which was over 1000 years ago. At the same time, the 20th of August is also a religious holiday: the Catholics celebrate the day of the first patron of Hungary, St. Stephen – which is the reason masses are hosted countrywide that day. And last but not least, the 20th of August also marks the Hungarian Festival of the New Bread: the blessing and slicing of a freshly baked loaf of bread is a widespread ceremony in the country that day and even across the border, in Transylvania.

How to celebrate 20th of August in Budapest?

1. Air & Water Parade

This is a stunning display taking place to the backdrop of the imposing and majestic Hungarian Parliament building.  As part of the parade, planes fly low over the Danube river and through the bridges. Amazing vehicles and spectacular tricks are displayed- it’s quite a show and an amazing stop for your 1-day city centre holiday program.

2. Festival of Folk Arts

After the Air & Water Parade, you can climb straight up to Buda Castle, that is occupied by Hungarian Folk artists with the largest Folk festival and market of Budapest. You can enjoy traditional foods and cakes, buy amazing handmade clothing and jewelry, try pottery, basketry, archery and many more.

3. Steet music & Food Truck Show

After immersing yourself in Hungarian Folk, you can head over to Szabadság tér, where you can enjoy street music artists and choose from a wide range of streetfood.

4. The main attraction: the largest fireworks show in Europe

Each year this day Hungary celebrates with legendary fireworks & light show. The show is visible from almost all Budapest and is set up along the banks of the Danube and even from boats on the river. The riverbanks are usually full of tens of thousands of residents, expats and tourists who flock to the city centre to enjoy the show. Fireworks, light shows, drone shows and more- this event is truly the crowning jewel of the 20th of August celebrations.

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