What exams to take to study abroad in Hungary? bic_2021_admn 2024.06.11.

What exams to take to study abroad in Hungary?

When applying to universities abroad, the list of requirements can vary wildly. Of course, each country and institution has different requirements. Let’s see what exams to take to study abroad in Hungary.

1. The exam requirements are similar in all Hungarian universities

Usually, universities in Hungary don’t require a special type of international entry exam, such a GMAT or SAT. Many universities don’t even ask for an IELTS or TOEFL.

2. How to get in then?

Most Hungarian universities accept ALL types of high-school leaving exam certifications. IGCSE, National Diploma, Gaokao, SAT… does not matter.

3. What percentage is needed in general?


Of course these numbers may vary university-by-university and for each study program. As a rule of thumb, we can say that no grades should be under 50% (that is considered to be a failed subject in Hungary), and the most important ones (depending on the study program for example Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Business) should be above 70%.

Also, most universities conduct their own personal interview and conduct an admissions test or even ask for an artistic/ design portfolio (depending on the study program, of course).

4. O levels or A levels? Is it possible to get in with only O levels?

Some high-school leaving exams (e.g. British curriculum) have an ordinary and an advanced level of examinations. As a generic rule, we can say that from most countries you need your A levels as well. In a few cases, O levels could be accepted, but for this, you must consult with the specific university’s requirements and possibly talk to the admissions team.

5. What if I graduated high school before the age of 18?

That happens in many countries around the World. Some universities lowered their requirement for entry and accept applicants of 17 years of age. Other universities might require to take a Foundation first and only allow enrollments at the age of 18.

6. So what exams to take if I apply through Budapest International College?

  • At BIC, we follow the highest standard of national practice.
  • We accept all types of official higher certifications. For British curriculum, we generally require A levels.
  • We require all grades to be above 50%. Specific subject and grade requirements can be found here:
  • All of our universities accept applicant from the age of 17 (however, for University of Dunaújváros the applicant must be 18 by the time they enroll to the university.)
  • We do not require IELTS or TOEFL, but we assess the applicants’ English level during the admission interview. We are looking for at least B2 level of English for university admission. Those who are close to B2 but still need some extra preparation, can start their studies with an English Foundation program.
  • We conduct or own interviews and tests during the application process. Math test for Business programs and Math & Physics test for Engineering and Computer Science programs. You can find the test topics here:

If you have any questions regarding the admission, you can always contact our admission team at info@budapestcollege.hu