Can I study in Hungary without IELTS? bic_2021_admn 2024.04.10.

Can I study in Hungary without IELTS?

Do you struggle with getting a language certification? Maybe you got one but it expired? Can’t get an exam appointment on time? Whatever your reasoning is, don’t worry: it is perfectly possible to get admitted to a university abroad- at BIC, no IELTS required (nor other type of certifications). However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to speak English, but it is possible to study in Hungary without IELTS!

At Budapest International College we don’t require a language certification- whether you apply to our college or any of our universities. Here are some reasons why we don’t.

  1. Being able to use English is more important than a certification

    At Budapest International College we conduct an individual interview with each applicant online. We chat with you about your motivations, your professional life, your dreams and your knowledge about Hungary and your chosen program. It’s really more of a casual chat to get to know you and of course to assess your level of English. If you are confident enough during the interview, we believe you’ll be confident enough in classrooms too!

  2. This also means that a certification alone is not enough

    As mentioned, speaking and understanding the language is much more important than the certificate itself. That is why we conduct the interviews. Having a certificate doesn’t mean automatic acceptance, as sometimes it doesn’t reflect actual language skills. This is why we believe that a real-life discussion gives a better understanding of your language skills, so make sure to brush up your spoken English a little. Watching movies or shows in English and reading English text out loud are incredibly effective, so you can practice at home even if you don’t have anyone to practice with.

  3. Some language certifications are costly and need to be renewed frequently

    Studying abroad is never cheap, even if you choose an affordable institution. That is why we think it makes sense to save a little, especially on unnesecary things. Believe us, those couple of hundred euros will come handy once you enjoy your life abroad.

  4. You can always start your studies with a foundation program

    If you actually stuggle with English a little, we have a solution for that as well. You can always start your studies with an English foundation program, where we’ll get your language skills university-ready in no time.

So should you NOT get an IELTS or other language certifications?

“No IELTS required” is not true for all universities everywhere. If you have the time and resources- it does make sense to get an IELTS. Especially if you are applying to more than one university, it can always come handy. We at Budapest International College also appreciate any kind of language certification, as it helps us with assessing your language skills.
So if you want and can have a certification, don’t shy away from the challenge, but also don’t let the lack of language certification scare you away from studying abroad.