Why is Horticulture one of the most modern engineering programs? bic_2021_admn 2022.09.09.

Why is Horticulture one of the most modern engineering programs?

Working in Agriculture might not seem like a modern profession, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Horticulture (which is a blend of agriculture, plant science, precision technology, food production and more) is a rapidly developing engineering discipline. With the growth of the World’s population, effective and modern plant cultivation and food production is more important than even.

  1. Horticulture is extremely diverse
    Horticulture is more than just gardening. In this field, students can specialize in many different areas, such as vegetable or fruit production, precision horticulture, wine production, plant health and many more.
  2. It contributes to food security in the World
    Being able to produce our own food is one if the most important skills on a global level. Horticultural engineers are able to the on the large scale, by tending to multi-hectare orchards or greenhouses.
  3. It’s much more modern than you think
    Horticulture is not only plucking weeds and picking apples. Modern horticulture works with a plethora of modern technology: from greenhouse design through drone technology and from climate control to large-scale irrigation technology, the field is all about understanding and using modern machinery and softwares.
  4. Work itself is never boring
    Horticulture is not a 9-5 desk job for sure. You can work on large, seasonal projects, that you must be able to plan and execute. You’ll also practice your leadership skills, as large companies usually work with multiple teams on planting, pruning, harvest, post-harvest works and so on. You can be in nature the whole day and you can see the sweet results of your work too.
  5. It is a future-proof profession
    Plant production will always be needed, as people will always eat and enjoy being in nature. With the growth of the World’s population, food production is going to be more and more important, and horticultural engineers will be one of the driving forces of food production. This field was growing even during the pandemic, which shows that the field itself is resilient to major crisis situations.

If you are looking for a profession, that is future-proof, modern and never boring, while it also helps be close to nature full-time, Horticultural engineering is an excellent choice.

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