Why study Tourism? Our top 5 reasons to choose this field bic_2021_admn 2022.09.06.

Why study Tourism? Our top 5 reasons to choose this field

Tourism and Catering has been one of the most popular management programs all over the World. During the pandemic, the sector faced some difficulties due to travel restrictions, but by 2022 the program is extremly popular again. It’s no wonder: it is a unique field within management and tourism has a lot of perks. See our top 5 reasons to study Tourism and Catering BSc or Tourism Management Msc with us.

  1. Tourism is booming again
    After a couple of pandemic-riddled years, the field is booming again. Hotels, events, offline conferences, restaurants and all other establishments and events are back to normal, and hopefully the sector will be soon bigger than ever.
  2. Versatile jobs
    Tourism has a lot of diverse career options. From hotel staff or management, to event management, to travel agencies and to catering, there are plenty of paths to choose from.
  3. Working with people and different cultures
    If you work in tourism, chances are you’ll be working with a lot of internationals. You’ll have the opportunity to use your people skills and learn about different cultures while you are working.
  4. Staying active and creative
    Tourism is definitely not a 9-5 field. In most sectors, you’ll have to be on your feet, arrange programs, troubleshoot, arrange, manage and enjoy the results. After a long day of work, you won’t even believe you have worked 8-10 hours as the time flies so quickly. It’s definitely great for people who don’t enjoy sitting in front of the computer the whole day- tourism is much more flexible and requires a lot of thinking on your feet.
  5. You can work locally or internationally
    Whether you want to develop the region that is close to your heart, or want to travel and change frequently, it’s all possible with tourism. If you work your way up to a cozy position in any major chain, chaces are you’ll have the opportunity to shift between establishments or even countries if you wish.

As you can see, tourism is probably the most versatile, dynamic and adventorous field that you can choose for your studies. With BIC, you can apply to start your studies at Tourism and Catering BSc or Tourism Management MSc each February or September.