5 tips for a successful student visa process bic_2021_admn 2022.07.29.

5 tips for a successful student visa process

The student visa process might seem a little scary- it’s a high-stakes, bureaucratic and sometimes stressful situation, but don’t worry, there are many good tips that can help you boost your chance of success. First of all, try to take it light, this is indeed an important step in your life but millions could do it before you, so you’ll be able to do it too!

1. Make sure your folder is in tip-top shape (ask for visa assistance if you need it too!)
Your folder will include all your official documents needed to apply for a visa. Your Final Acceptance letter, proof of accommodation, passport and so on… All important documents to prove that you are eligible to study in the EU. It’s of crucial importance to make sure that this folder is complete and the documents are of the highest quality. Our BIC Visa assistance service helps you do this to perfection: our immigration lawyer checks all your papers and will advise you if improvements are needed.

2. Prepare for the interview questions (and it really helps to learn 3 Hungarian expressions!)
When you apply for your visa, you’ll (most likely) have an interview at the embassy as well. This interview is very similar to your BIC admission interview. They’ll ask you about your motivations and your knowledge about Hungary and your study program too. The colleagues in the embassies want to make sure that you are ready to study abroad and you are genuinely interested in Hungary and your chosen university and study program. So open some good websites and brush up your knowledge about Hungary (geography, culture, everyday life). You can expect questions regarding the location of the country, natural and cultural treasures, currency of Hungary, large cities in Hungary, the location of your chosen University, what the Uni is famous for, why do you want to study your study program, what are your future plans and so on… Just be open for any questions and answer everything honestly and with confidence.

And don’t forget, saying ‘Hello’, ‘Bye’ and ‘Thank You’ in Hungarian can take you a long way. Just learn & use this:
Good Morning = Jó napot!
Thank you = Köszönöm (it’s fine to pronounce it as ‘kosonom’)
Goodbye = Viszlát! (you can prononuce it as ‘vislat’)

3. Dress up, look sharp & expect cultural differences
Dressing up (just slightly) is a form of showing respect in many countries. Make sure to put on a nice, sharp and professional attire (a nice shirt or even a suit for men or blazer or suit with pants or skirt for women is the best way to go). This will help you a lot in looking professional and well-prepared for the interview. 
Also, many internationals say that Hungarian officials seem very strict for the first glance- it is indeed true. The visa interview is a formal event, where you have to be professional and respectful. Don’t forget, these people decide about your future. However, please remember that immigration officials are just doing their jobs too, so they don’t want to be rude or sabotage your plans. As long as you are respectful, prepared and confident, the whole process will be a piece of cake!

4. Ask for the help of BIC (or your agent)
If anything happens, don’t worry, you don’t have to face anything alone. We, at Budapest International College are here to help you sort out any unexpected situation, bureaucratic setback, or any other difficulty you might face along the road. Just write as an email and we’ll see what we can do to help you succeed.

5. Don’t be shy to appeal
Visa rejections are quite rare but they happen sometimes. Again, a visa rejection is usually not the end of the World, normally it is caused by things that are easily rectified. In case of a rejection, just keep your cool and contact us again, our immigration lawyer will help you with the appeal- it’s almost always worth trying.