Budapest International College Ranking- is it a thing? bic_2021_admn 2024.05.10.

Budapest International College Ranking- is it a thing?

One question we often receive from our prospective students is regarding the Budapest International College Ranking. Is it a good & reputable college to study at? Let’s see the answer.

Let’s quickly settle this: Budapest International College is Foundation College, so we cannot be ranked among higher education institutions (as we don’t have our own Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.) So what does BIC do?

  • We are the admission office of multiple Hungarian Universities. Our team conducts the entire admissions procedure from documentation to the interview. The Universities are just signing the Final Acceptance Letter at the end of the procedure and waiting paitently for their new students to arrive.
  • We also provide Foundation programs for students who need some extra boost in their skills, before starting their studies at one of our Universities. After finishing the Foundation program, you can continue your studies straight at your chosen study program.

So you see? BIC doesn’t offer own Bahchelor’s and Master’s so of course, we don’t have our own ranking either.

Then how do you know that BIC offers good quality admissions service and Foundation courses?

  1. Well first of all, so far 5 reputable Hungarian Universities accept our admissions and Foundation students completely. It’s not just a promise- we have an agreement & contract that states that our Universities are happy to accept anyone who BIC accepts. That’s how much they trust our judgement.
  2. Our Foundation professors are all extremely highly qualified & they are also teaching at various Universities. The Algebra teacher? – He’s a professor at Óbuda University. Our Physics teacher?- He’s currently doing his PhD teaching university students all the time. Programming teachers? – Developers and web designers with multiple qualification. English tutor?- She’s a language examination expert and language teachers with decades of experience.
  3. The curriculum is personal for each student. All our Foundation Students receive an individual and unique timetable tailored exatly for their needs. Do you need to develop your English more? – don’t worry, you’ll get more classes. Do you have issues with Physics or Discrete Math?- just take classes again to practice more.

See some testimonials from students who got admission through BIC!

So what kind of qualifications do BIC Universities have?

It’s logical to ask: okay, the Budapest International College ranking is not a thing, but what about the Universities? Well, they have a pretty list of rankings and qualifications of course!

  1. All our University programs are EU recognized, so you’ll get an official, accredited degree upon graduation.
  2. John von Neumann University is one of the few unis in the whole World where you can have practical training in a Mercedes-Benz factory.
  3. Kodolányi János University is one of the top private unis in Hungary, that received the National Excellence Award in 2021.
  4. University of Dunaújváros is very reputable in the field of nuclear energy and is set to be the region’s top nuclear training center.
  5. Budapest Business University is ranked the #1 Business university in Hungary, #33 in Europe and #66 in the World according to Webometrics.
  6. Budapest Business University also has a long list of professional accreditations and memberships
    • NIBS (Network of International Business Schools)
    • Institute of Hospitality
    • CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations)
    • AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
    • IAU (International Association of Universities)
    • EUA (European University Association)
    • CEEMAN (Central and East European Management Development Association)
    • EURASHE (European Association of Institutions in Higher Education)
    • UIIN (University Industry Innovation Network)
    • PRME Champion
  7. Óbuda University is particularly famous for its excellent engineering, and IT programs, especially in the fields of robotics, where they are the founder and current leader of the Central European Living Lab for Intelligent Robotics (CELLI), a network of 18 robotics centers and SMEs form 7 countries. They are also a member of the euRobotics aisbl, and active in numerous Topical Groups.
  8. In 2022, Óbuda University had the following rankings:
    • 186th in the QS EECA ranking
    • 301–350th in the Times World University Rankings / Young University Rankings
    • Best university in Hungary in the fields of IT, Engineering and Tech, according to the Times subject rankings