Computer Engineering BSc, ÓU bic_2021_admn 2022.03.17.
The aim of the course is to qualify computer science engineers competent to install, develop and maintain technical IT and information infrastructure systems and services, and to participate in the design and development tasks of the data and program systems of those.
Computer Science Engineering BSc
Length of course

7 semesters

Tuition fee

3200 EUR/semester
(please note: to be able to obtain an Acceptance Letter, apply for a visa and start your studies, 2-semesters’ tuition fee and some other minor fees must be paid upfront)

Location of campus


Language of tuition


Application deadlines
  • For September intake: 30 June
Admission options

Direct admission or admission
with a foundation

Description of the Program

ÓU’s training provides a wide range of knowledge and expertise in one of the most dynamic sectors of the domestic and international market. You will become a professional with practical software development and application skills that meet the needs of the labour market, while at the same time providing you with the theoretical foundation to continue your studies at MSc level. The aim of our MSc is to graduate with competitive skills, up-to-date technological knowledge and the ability to successfully enter the world of work.

Skills you will earn with this program:

  • advanced programming and software technology skills;
  • use of the latest and most popular graphical programming environments;
  • database design, Big Data and business intelligence;
  • installation, configuration and development of modern operating systems and computer
  • installation, operation and security of server services;
  • application development on mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile);
  • design and programming of target computer systems for the management and control of
    electronic equipment;
  • programming of robotic systems;
  • cloud computing technologies and information security skills.


  • Cloud Service Technologies and IT Security

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Óbuda University Budapest
This program is offered by Óbuda University (ÓU)