Computer Science- Still a Star Career in Hungary Utassy Luca 2021.11.30.

Computer Science- Still a Star Career in Hungary

Last year brought a lot of big changes on the job market, and this was true to IT as well. However, the virus and the pandemic have not stopped the growth of this field, as a matter of fact, they even grew the popularity of these jobs. The trend is set to continue in the years to come as well, according to the IT research made by Bluebird.

According to the study, the need for IT workforce has more than doubled since 2015. Even though there are many options to study computer science both offline and online, the number of computer science college graduates has been plateauing for years.
In 2015 there were 3000 IT professionals missing from the market, to 2020 this number has grown to 22000 and set to be grow further to around 45000.

According to another study made by Stack Overflow in 2020, there are only 15-20% of IT professionals who would be interested in new opportunities on the job market, but a whopping 80% is satisfied with their current workplace and would not change.

This migh be also due to the excellent salaries in the field. Depending on the seniority level and the type of digital skills, coders and other IT professionals can earn between 800-8000 EUR even in Hungary, but these salaries can be even higher abroad. The sector also has an exceptionally high development rate regarding salaries, usually even a beginner can douple their starting salaries in just a couple of years.
The most sought-after fields are software architecture, ethical hacking and hadoop, these skills provide the highest salaries as well.

According to experts, soft skills are also becoming increasingly important for IT professionals, such as time management skills, teamworking skills, communication and stress management skills.