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IT salaries in Hungary in 2023

A Hungarian website, napi.hu just published the most up-to-date data about IT salaries in Hungary in 2023. According to them, there are still around 30.000 IT professionals missing from the Hungarian market. Also, with the widespread availability of remote work, now international companies are competing for the best experts too, making average salaries even higher in the field.

According to this research, most IT professionals receive an offer from their chosen companies within 3 weeks of the job interview, which is one of the fastest in the job market. It’s said that according to IT leaders asked during the research, almost 70% said that they have trouble introducing new technolgies and developments to their companies because of the severe lack of experienced professionals.

The following disciplines are developing most dinamically at the moment:

  • digital transformation
  • digitalization of services
  • cyber security
  • setting up proper digital platforms and environment for home office work
Developers earn best

According to a 2022 research, software developers still earn best among IT professionals.

  • Full- Stack Developers earn an average of 1.5-2m HUF per month gross (3800- 5000 EUR)
  • Java Developers take home a gross 1.3-1.9m HUF salary (3200-3800 EUR)
  • Software Architects earn around 2m HUF (5000 EUR) gross each month
  • The new up and coming fields are Data Scientist and Data Engineer with well over 1m HUF (2500 EUR) gross salary
  • The higherst earners are Cloud Architects, with even over 2m HUF salary (5000 EUR) monthly
IT freelancing teams are on the rise

Many companies are trying to keep competitive and cover their need for digital skills with freelancers and freelancer teams. It’s not uncommon that even large companies are outsourcing smaller or even larger IT projects. According to the article, the most successful experts are those who are flexible and agile and can take on any callenge.