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Living expenses in Hungary for international students

Living expenses are an important factor to keep in mind when studying abroad. In some countries just the accommodation itself is a costly affair, let alone eating out or travelling. Hungary is a great choice for study abroad not only because of the affordable tuition fees but also due to the low living expenses in Hungary that make studying abroad less stressful for sure.

Let’s see how much are living expenses in Hungary and how much you’ll spend in an average month while in Budapest (or countryside):

1. Accommodation, housing

Housing is going to be the largest portion of your expenses, however you don’t necessarily have to break a bank. Most universities offer dormitory placements on campus or somewhere close to the main university buildings. Depending on the university, dormitory placement costs around 80-250 EUR per month. Obviously you shouldn’t expect high luxury from cheap student housing, but it definitely can help you save money during your studies. If you are bored of the student housing, you can also rent an appartment together with your friends, thus having a private room for yourself. Currently a shared appartment would cost you around 250-350 EUR per month.

2. Food & drinks

Home-cooked food is surely effective in saving some money. Some of the common foodstuffs are:

  •  classic white bread (half kilo): around 0.8-1.2  EUR
  • chicken breast (1 kilo): 5 EUR
  • average bag of chips: 1-2 EUR
  • apples (1 kilo): 1-3 EUR
  • tomatoes (1 kilo): 2-3 EUR
  • classic Magnum ice cream: 1.5 EUR
  • a bar of chocolate (e.g. Milka): 1 EUR
  • Coke (1 liter Coca-Cola): 0.7 EUR

Eating out is more expensive, of course. Fast foods, such as tortilla wraps, hot-dogs or cheaper hamburgers or asian fast food cost around 3-6 EUR. A Big Mac costs 4 EUR or 5 EUR+ in a menu. An average pizza is 5-8 EUR. A fancy restaurant meal for fancy dining costs around 15-30 EUR per person with multiple courses.

3. Transportation (Public transport)

Public transport in Budapest is excellent, you can get anywhere in the city in a very short amount of time with our hundreds of buses, trams, trolley and metro lines. An all-inclusive Budapest transport ticket costs 9 EUR per month for students (25 EUR per month for non-students). It’s a fantastic deal given that you can move around in the whole city quickly and efficiently for a very small price.

4. Phone & internet

Hungary has 3 telecommunication providers with dozens of contract deals both for prepaid and post-paid options. An average monthly fee that you’d pay for domestic calls and unlimited (or almost unlimited) mobile internet access is 15-25 EUR depending on the provider and the exact deal.

5. Health Insurance

Having a valid, long-term health insurance while you are in Hungary is not only important, but also legally obligatory. There are many private providers that offer affordable deals for international students. See what we offer here: https://budapestcollege.hu/health-insurance/ This deal costs approx. 180 EUR per year.

6. Airplane travel in Europe

Of course if you live in Europe, you’ll want to discover Europe. From Budapest the whole continent is accessible in 2-3 hours by plane, which is perfect for weekend getaways and vacations. You’ll find everything in Europe from Mediterranean beaches to amazing mountains to hike and to freezing Northern light experiences, all waiting for you to discover. With average booking times and cheap flights you can reach dozens of destinations from 40 EUR (return ticket)!