University admissions- what’s the best time to start an application bic_2021_admn 2023.01.24.

University admissions- what’s the best time to start an application

Applying to a university (especially abroad) has a lot of elements- the requirements, the procedure, the fees, the deadlines and so on. It can be hard to decide when to start your preparation.

Let us give you a little guide so you surely are done with everything on time. All these examples are for a September intake in Hungary as an international student.

The most important things you have to keep in mind:
  • Remember that the longest part of the procedure is going to be the visa process. This is extremely imporant, you’ll have to keep at least a comfortable 2 months for the visa decision to come around- especially in the summer rush period.
  • Remember that international money transfers are involved in this process. You’ll have to make sure to be patient and expect a couple of days transfer period.
  • Remember that in the most crowded times, the admission teams have to deal with even hundreds of applications at a time! Make sure to apply before the crowd gets crazy.
  • Remember that the summer is the time for holidays: everyting goes muuuch slower. Make sure to be more or less ready with everything until the summer starts.
So how to plan the procedure:
  • December to March: the perfect time to actually decide on the program you want to choose, start your applications and collect all the necessary application documents (diplomas, transcripts, certifications etc.). You can also chat or exchange mails with our BIC colleagues to ask everything you might still be interested in.
  • Until April- May: take your interview and test to know if you are eligible for acceptance.
  • Also until April- May: the best time to pay the necessary fees, obtain your Final Acceptance Letter and book a visa interview appointment. At this time the embassies are still a little more relaxed and you still have a couple of months before travelling.
  • May-June- early July: the best time for the visa interview at your embassy or consulate.
  • 1-2 weeks before university enrollment and the start of the courses: the best time to arrive to Hungary. Please make sure NOT to arrive too early, as you won’t be able to pick up your residence permit within the acceptable timeframe and you might have to leave the country!

Also please note that these are not deadlines, these are our recommendations for the smoothest and most relaxed admission procedure.