BIC Partner Uni, KJU, receives National Excellence Award Utassy Luca 2021.11.24.

BIC Partner Uni, KJU, receives National Excellence Award

KJU wins National Excellence Award

Kodolányi János University received a National Excellence Award this year in the category of organizations providing administrative, public service, educational, health or social services.

The award was presented by Dr. László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, to the Rector of the university, Dr. Péter Szabó.

KJU opened three decades ago and has always put large emphasis on the quality of education, research and innovative services. At the award ceremony, KJU’s creative, innovative organizational culture and its self-reflection were praised. It was also mentioned that KJU’s mentor professor program is an excellent example for many other higher education institutions in the country.

Upon receiving the award, Rector Dr. Péter Szabó thanked the recognition with the following words: “This award is a milestone in the life of our institution.” He added that the idea he had set up when founding was that “A higher education institution has a future if it can combine a collaborative organizational culture with elements that are essential to the freedom of research and education.”

An innovative university cannot exist without an innovative student body. The National Excellence Award confirms not only our institution, but also our teachers and students in the fact that the cooperative cooperation model of KJU is unique in the Hungarian higher education, bringing the university close to the labor market in terms of study programs and graduate employment. Connecting the university and its students to the job market helps maximizing opportunities for all. This mission represents values ​​that are worthy pillars for KJU.