These are the most sought-after BSc degrees with the highest starting salaries in Hungary bic_2021_admn 2023.02.16.

These are the most sought-after BSc degrees with the highest starting salaries in Hungary

Applications to Hungarian universities are in high season, both for national and international students. Before you decide where to apply and which program to choose, it’s worth knowing some basic employability stats from this year. A Hungarian professional site collected the most sought-after fresh grad degrees and the best starting salaries on the job market.

According to the report, in case of some professions, the rate of career dropouts is exceptionally high, while in others – typically among those with IT or engineering degrees – most people stay within the profession, and towards the end of their university years, they are bombarded with well-paying job offers. The fact that engineers and computer scientists are in the highest demand, while their starting salary is significantly higher, is of course not a surprise to anyone.

According to József Nógrádi, Trenkwalder’s commercial director, these programs are taking the lead when it comes to employability. Even though it’s a large field, almost any engineering or IT program is worth doing: in the IT field, the most popular disciplines are programming, web development, scrum or even system engineering. Also, according to the expert, the demand for mechatronic engineers is also huge, as robotics is becoming more and more important in many sectors. “Similarly to IT, also in the field of engineering it almost does not matter which smaller discipline students apply for: for example, everything related to automation and digitization can be a good choice – there is a continuous and high demand for mechanical engineers, mechatronics engineers and electrical engineers, especially if they have specialized knowledge (PLC programming, hardware and software development, testing, design and construction…)” – said József Nógrádi.

Rozália Tóth, the operational director of one of the largest student job company added: “In the case of white-collar positions, the greatest demand for young, agile workers is clearly seen in the IT field, and in the same way students in the engineering field can expect to find work easily. Among IT professionals, software developers, data analysts and engineers, as well as specialists dealing with automation, are the most sought after”– she added, emphasizing that these two areas are also at the forefront from a financial point of view.
Salaries and benefit packages are the highest in the IT field, and in addition, they can get the most compensation even in the event of high economic difficulties and high inflation. According to the report, fresh IT graduates can earn around 1800- 2600 EUR gross monthly as their starting salary, depending on their specialization, skills and experience.

What is still lacking in the labor market are professionals with combined knowledge. Electrical engineering BSc and an additional knowledge of IT are priceless on the market. The average starting salary for such a skillset is exceptionally high, around 2000-2600 EUR gross monthly, which is considered to be a high salary for fresh grads right after university. József Nógrádi mentioned that a Mechatronic Engineering program can be the perfect choice if someone wants to specialize in these two fields.

So according to the article the 4 most sought-after degrees with the highest starting salaries are:

  • Computer Science (IT)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronical Engineering